August 2020
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Reza M
Very useful for those want to get notified instantly for Gmail. You can also read the subject and part of E-mail you received in your Windows notification corner and even there is delete button to remove the E-mail fast and instant.
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Or Yarimi
The extension doesn't work 90% of the time. Not detecting recipients, not allowing to turn off tracking, track email that it shouldn't etc.Tried uninstall and re-install. Didn't help.
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Aryan Pandya
It's a nice extension but it is reserved for experts on encryption like me
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Jordan David
I have been pretty disappointed with the tool lately. Seems to be working less often than it works. 🙁I am a super user who sends hundreds of follow ups each week and have used this for years.I am going to look into something else now.
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Andrej Fink
I love it! After two months with Basic I have decided to buy Premium version to support such great guys!
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carlos rivera
Hellosign is a company with not support or customer service no phone number to call and you can create a tickets by email but no body will help you ! If you are small maybe ok but if you consider your self a business you can't use these product the integration ...
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Carey Ann Strelecki
Love this app. Keeps me from being distracted by emails in my inbox when I'm really going into gmail to compose a new message. Brilliant idea.
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Rajat Bhatia
I haven't even started reviewing it yet but just looking at the page with my dark mode turned on, the interface looks amazing, clutter free and conducive to focus on work. The engineers who designed gmail know how to make it work under the hood but really need help with ...
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Fantastic product, great features, top-notch customer service. I've used Drag and Trello and this app is by far my favorite. The email integration is amazing, the features are top-notch and the customer support is excellent. I couldn't recommend it more highly.
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Rex Salisbury
Streak is my go-to for a lightweight CRM tool and actually has great depth of functionality as well!
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KWSM Tech Concierge
Love this plugin, seems to have stopped working recently (1/22/21).
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Alternate ‘From’ address
You could send out emails using a different 'From' address, the one other than your current Gmail account.
App Access Control
See which apps currently have access to your Gmail information!
Automated Email Processing
For those emails from somebody, you may want to star them automatically.
Canned Responses
The responses for some questions are exactly the same, every single time.
Contact Import
Bulk import contacts into your Gmail / Google account
Contact Management
Ever wondered how to manage the popped up contacts when composing an email?
Delegated Account
Log into aother Gmail account, that you owned, without typing password every time.
Email Alias
With email alias, you could virtually get infinite different email addresses, all go to your Gmail inbox.
Gmail Signature
Add a custom signature, with image presumably, to every email you send.
Label Dragging
Add a label to an email, without typing anything.
Mark All as Read
Mark ALL unread emails in Gmail with one action, without going through the emails page by page.
Preview Pane
Always show the email list at the screen, even when you are reading the email content.
Promotion Emails Adjustment
These emails are important, and should not be put inside promotion tab!
Scheduled Emails
The email is ready, but it's too early to send now.
Search emails with attachments
Sometimes you don't remember the email title, but you know the email has attachments.
Show total unread messages in tab header
View the total unread count without clicking the Gmail tab.
Smart Reply
Gmail will guess a few applicable replies, and you simply select one of them.
Undo Send
Reverse the send action, shortly after accidently clicked the 'send' button .
Unread Emails Only
Sometimes you want to work on those unread emails only.
User Switch
Switch betwen various Gmail users quickly, without typing password every time.
Vacation Auto-reply
Set up an auto-reply (auto-responder) when you are not available for a number of days.